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I have always been fascinated by fire. Driven by a deep instinctual urge to commune with the flames, spellbound by an ancient, metaphoric wisdom, I often move into the unconscious, abstract world beyond the temporal. And I am not alone.

The culmination of 9 years of experimentation, NINE X FIRE is a series of photographs, which are vivid, abstract, organic, and embody the intimate moments of a compelling and often overlooked subject matter in fine art photography- FIRE. Escaping major burns and serious injury, the 81 (8+1=9; 9×9=81) photographs in NINE X FIRE were selected from over 9,000 I took over a period of 9 months while living on a construction site in a dilapidated impoverished neighborhood, using existing industrial materials, chemicals, and various tools. The last session, and 81st image, was taken in 2016 (2+1+6=9) on the 14th day of spring, traditionally an auspicious day since ancient Zoroastrian times, and also my birthday.

NINE X FIRE attempts to capture the poetic and lyrical abstractions of fire and the ancient symbolism of consumption, transformation, and enlightenment. As an artist, I strive to personify fire and its transformative power, not only to metamorphosize myself, but to be a change agent for others. While ethereal and elusive, just like mortals before us, we must all seek to preserve and keep the fire alive. This was my attempt.